Our Team


Andrew Gilbert

The creative force behind Helpful Goat Games, Andrew brings his expertise in research, philosophy, and literature to gaming. He helped found Helpful Goat out of a desire to share his creations with others who find gaming both fun and cathartic.

Andy’s PhD in Comparative Literature and his experience in film make him a unique designer focused on story and structure to build rule-based entertainment. Along with Galway, Andy has been a gamer most of his life cutting his teeth on NES and learning tabletop RPG systems when he was six. Such games have always been a doorway to making friends and an easy way to socialize. In fact, he would say that most of his friendships have begun over games, Galway included.


Favorite/Influential Books

  • White Noise - Don Delillo

  • The Gone Away World - Nick Harkaway

  • After Dark - Murakami Haruki

Favorite/influential Video and Computer Games

  • Masters of Orion 3: Battle for Antares

  • Warlords

  • Xcom 2


noun_499971 (1).png

Favorite/influential board games

  • Dungeons and Dragons

  • Pandemic

  • HeroQuest