Helpful Goat Gaming First Impressions: Far Cry 5

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First Impressions

Far Cry 5

By Andrew Gilbert

I am only a few hours into the gameplay of Far Cry 5 so this should in no way be considered a review of the game. That being said, having played several of the Far Cry games in the past, I already feel like I get a sense of its parameters.

The gameplay itself has changed little since Far Cry 4 (or 3 for that matter). You still hunt, kill, craft, liberate, loot, etc. You can now have animals fight for you as well but that means the animals get hurt as well … fair warning). The game also allows co-op gameplay of the main story, though it doesn’t progress both players simultaneously. If you play your friend’s game, only they progress. In general, the only substantial change so far seems to be the setting and the plot. So most impressions of the game will probably focus on this, as will I.

Far Cry 5 takes place in the wilds of Montana in a beautifully rendered valley, Hope County. The series has always produced pretty games, but 5 has stepped it up a bit. The light through the pine trees is gorgeous - the mists and the plant growth also immerse you in this world of serenity and terror. I wish the water was the calibre of Sea of Thieves, but nothing is like the water in Sea of Thieves. Beyond this small slight, the game is incredibly beautiful.  And this is the strength of the newest Far Cry game; it’s setting.

Opposing a localized, power-hungry group of fanatics is par for the course with a Far Cry game, but this specific assemblage is quite unnerving. Perhaps it's because the setting is in the US and this hits a little closer to home, but I am genuinely scared of these people. The group is called Project at Eden’s Gate or PEG and Peggies for short, and it appears to be a doomsday cult with Christian iconography and themes (though, of course, clearly distinct from Christianity). The group seems to be taking over the county (for what purpose exactly is unclear at this stage of the game), and of course, it’s your job to liberate the people (and animals) of Hope County as best as you can.

The plot is loosely causal with little motivation for the main characters, and some of the gameplay is still “Press A to escape the burning helicopter.” But if you enjoyed the previous versions of the contemporary game, you’ll have no problem with this one.

In general, not in comparison to other Far Cry games, I find the series interesting, but ultimately not quite worth putting the time into it. I find this gameplay offers little more than previous versions, and I feel like I might be able to get the story from online play-throughs. If you are aching for more content wrapped up in the Far Cry packaging, you’re probably going to love the game. I personally had a hard time getting into it even though I revel in its setting and its creepy antagonists.

My first impression is one of a game that it reskins its old mechanics. And even though the skin is amazing, I personally haven’t been hooked by the gameplay yet.